Looking for Panola Pepper?
Vampfire Hot Sauce

Panola Pepper’s Vampfire Hot Sauce is sure to excite and activate the hard core pepper lover’s taste buds. It is a superior blend of habanero, tabasco and cayenne peppers, salt, spices and vinegar. And, if you don’t believe us – see what Joe has to say:

Four to five years ago I found Panola Pepper’s Vampfire Hot Sauce in a local discount store, Big Lots. I bought a bottle and the next day returned and purchased all that they had in stock. I returned with 30 – 40 bottles. My 13 yo. son has literally grown up with your hot sauce as a staple. He understands that there are bottles of sauce that we have that he really doesn’t want to try but these are his “go to” condiment as well as one of my own. I have probably 15 – 20 bottles of different sauces on hand at any given time.

Tonight we opened our last bottle of Vampfire. We were eating home made red beans and rice and out of every sauce that I’ve got this demanded Panola Pepper’s Vampfire Hot Sauce . The flavor and heat is so perfect for some foods and this was one.

I’ve never found Panola products in our local stores so I guess that I’ll have to place an order soon.

Thanks for producing a sauce that is just as concerned with taste as well as heat. I have sauces from around the world and yours has been a staple in my house from my first taste.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to sample your other products but if they measure up to what I have tried then I would love to know where to purchase them locally. You are the reason for a budding sauce lover. My son is 13 and has loved your Panola Pepper’s Vampfire Hot Sauce for years.

Thanks again for a great product and keep on producing.

Panola Pepper’s Vampfire Hot Sauce comes in a 1.7oz bottle and a 6oz bottle. We also offer it in several of our gift baskets, perfect for the holidays! Stock up today!