Looking for Panola Pepper?


Grady “Bubber” Brown is a Louisiana Farmer, following in the footsteps on his father’s land in Lake Providence. An employer of a special breed of people who appreciate an honest day’s work and call this land home, Bubber has always taken pride in his commitment to his country, land, and community. His commitment felt strained each year as the end of harvest season came near. Farmers traditionally lay off their employees for several months during the winter which is the downtime on the farm. His employees said goodbye to work, friends, and paychecks.

1983 was different. That year, Bubber cooked large batches of his Mother’s time honored recipe for Panola Gourmet Pepper Sauce. This enabled Bubber to keep people employed at his expense by making the first batch of Panola Gourmet Pepper Sauce, store it, and return to work on the farm the next spring.

The hot sauce sold out by mid spring and producing hot sauce became a full time business!

Today, Panola Pepper Corporation employs many members of our community who still honor the traditions set forth on the first batch. Panola has since expanded production to accommodate nearly 100 unique, high quality food products in a modern production facility and the distribution center is still located “Right on the Farm”.

Your purchases of our products serve the good of the Land, the People, and our Country, and for that, we are grateful.