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Traditional Co-Packing involves a contractual agreement to have Panola Foods create and package your product for you to take to market.

Typically, the customer provides a finished formulation and procedures for Panola Foods to adhere in our facility. The end result is a retail ready package created to our specifications.

If a finished formulation and procedures are not finalized prior to the contractual agreement, Panola Foods offers services and expertise to assist in the process.

Private Labeling

Our private label program involves the use of an existing Panola Pepper Product, produced to our specifications and labeled with your brand name.

All of the Panola Pepper Products are available for private label.

Custom Formulation

Our custom Formulation Service involves a blended effort using the customer’s ideas, and Panola Food’s R&D services to create a unique product for the market.

This is a collaborative effort where the customer has identified an underserved market where an improved or unique product will flourish.

Formulation Matching

Formulation Matching services involve the creation of a product to match, as closely as possible, to an existing brand.

Matching an existing brand, in flavor, color, consistency and specifications is the goal. The process is commonly referred to an NBE or National Brand Equivalent.

Bulk Production

Our Bulk Production Services involves the preparation of an existing Panola Pepper Product, a customer’s formulation, or a custom blend in a bulk capacity.

Panola Foods offers bulk products in 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon drums, and 275 gallon totes.

Custom Formulation
Do I need insurance?

Panola Pepper Corporation carries a $9,000,000 umbrella policy that covers our production of your products. You can obtain your own insurance or request to be Additionally Insured on our policy for $500.00 annual fee. You should consult with an insurance professional to identify your exposures and proceed accordingly.

Custom Formulation
What is the first step in custom formulation?

NDA execution. You can download the NDA from their website.

Do you have an export department?

Yes. We provide logistical services or customer can arrange shipping with 3rd Party company if preferred.

What kind of products can you make?

Liquid products, including many dipping sauces. Please let us know what you are interested in and we will advise accordingly.

Private Labeling
What is the minimum requirement for private labeling?

There is no minimum for Private Label Products if a product is chosen in a package currently utilized under the Panola Pepper Brand.

Custom Formulation
What are the minimum requirements for custom formulation?

Each project is unique. Our standard minimum batch size is 500 gallons. Smaller batches are available and discussed with customer on an individual project basis.

Custom Formulation
Do you provide nutritional analysis on my products?

Yes. Panola will produce a Nutritional Panel for your use on labels. The fee for this service is $300.00. Customers can obtain a Nutritional Analysis from an outside source if preferred.

Private Labeling
Do you provide UPCs?

Yes, Panola Pepper will assign a unique UPC to your product for $75.00. Customers can obtain their own UPCs at their cost if preferred.

Custom Formulation
Do you do shelf life studies?

Panola does not perform shelf life studies. We will provide you with outside, independent sources for you to utilize.

Custom Formulation
Is there a fee for samples or R&D?

You can give us a call or come by any time during business hours! If your formulation required R&D, a fee of $75.00/hr will be billed. Each project is different and will require its own amount of R&D to prepare for commercial production. An estimate of charges will be fully disclosed prior to any work performed.

Custom Formulation
How long does the process take?

Each project is different. Packaging materials, any ingredients not in stock, and label production all take time. Once all components are in house, we can usually schedule production within 14 days.

Custom Formulation
Will you help me market my products?

Panola Pepper does not perform any direct marketing services. Our focus is providing the best quality product for you to take to market.

Custom Formulation
Will you guarantee my product?

Panola will guarantee your product will be produced according to Good Manufacturing Process standards. Your product, procedures, recipes, formulations are your property. Panola will follow your procedures and formulation in an agreed upon manner. Shelf life, stability, and product performance is the responsibility of the customer.